a grief process-centered, arts-focused group program

(for artists and non-artists alike)


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Grief Happens.

Art Heals.

Art as Healer is a four-week, guided, grief process-centered program.

Inspired by my personal experience of transmuting acute grief through art, and incorporating occasional nods to my session techniques with 'blocked' creatives, this approach isn't intended to be a quick fix or cure-all for individuals navigating the pain and suffering associated with loss. Nevertheless, there's much to substantiate that art can reconfigure the brain for the better and is a viable therapeutic device for those desiring grief-related emotional release or reconciliation.

The Art as Healer (AAH) container provides opportunities to participate in both an independent, self-paced manner and in community spaces (i.e., once-weekly virtual meetings focused on relevant topics and a private Facebook pop-up group).

Rumi told us that "[t]he cure for pain is in the pain." If you'd like support as you travel through grief... as grief travels through you... please join us. No pressure, no platitudes, no promises; just somewhere soft to land and, by means of art, perhaps a way to give voice to otherwise inexpressible feelings. Come pour love into yourself, friend. There's medicine in you. Details below. – ♥ Patsy

“Art is a wound turned into light.”

Georges Braque

• for anyone age 16+

• packet arrives by eMail, during week

prior to program start

• 4 weeks / 1 full group gathering
per week (via Zoom)

• freedom to assemble smaller groups

for joint projects

• wide variety of art prompts

• thoughtfully curated resources

• onsite "care room"

• thorough workbook that allows you

to create at your own pace

• honest shares from people who've been

(or are) where you are

• space to do only as much as you
feel able to handle

• attendance cap — to prevent
group bloat & lessen chances
of participant overwhelm

The AAH facilitation and instruction teams are 100% committed to ensuring environments in which every person—or represented category of people—feels confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, aspersion, harassment, or other varieties of harm. Violation of this standard will result in immediate expulsion from the program.

Lessons and activity prompts will be made available in assorted formats (i.e., written, audio, and video). Because we believe that universal accessibility is a basic human right, every attempt will be made to supply universally accessible materials for the cohort.

No activities or attendances are mandatory. A guiding principle of AAH is to follow the leading of one's deepest wisdom regarding what (and how much) feels helpful, affirming, and/or curative.

REFUNDS ARE UNAVAILABLE WITH THIS OFFER; however, if the program date arrives and you find you're unable to participate as planned, we will be gathering with new cohorts at later dates. You may apply the purchase amount toward any future PMC event of the same or greater value, or any PMC counseling or coaching service. There is no expiration date on this option, for as long as PM Counseling is operational in some form.

Your agreement to participate in Art as Healer signifies an agreement to the above-stated condition.