B.C., Director of Design

(San Francisco, CA)

When I reached out to PM Counseling for help, I was stuck, my professional ventures no longer fulfilling. I was frustrated and overwhelmed, burnt out and bored; yet I felt I still had something to offer, to give back. And I wanted to do it in a more inspired way.

Conversations with Patsy—who is not only a transpersonal counselor, but also a multi-hyphenate artist and writer—quickly became one of my life's high points. She is, above all, a kind and intuitive listener with deep intelligence. It is a relief to be able to talk through problems and solutions with such a patient and non-judgmental person. Patsy has helped me see that my challenges are really signposts to places in me requiring more attention and care.

Our sessions have turned to explorations of authenticity and alignment (or lack of it) between heart and mind. I've come to realize I've actually been on a spiritual journey to rediscover neglected parts of myself, and to bring them, refreshed, into my experiences. Through talking treatments, readings, and varied exercises, Patsy helps me leave behind what's holding me back and cultivate a new, creative approach to my personal and professional affairs.

D.S., Political Strategist
(Washington, DC)

On the heels of a highly contentious presidential election that had me seriously questioning my career path (LOL!), I met five friends (three sitting Congressional members, an advisor, and a fellow strategist) for lunch. The newbie at the table asked the rest of us to share why we entered politics, and we noticed three common incentives: love, service, and a desire to be the change we want to see in the world. As talk went DEEP, the one of us who has been on The Hill the longest proposed a regular get-together, for group accountability and to remember that "loving people is our first and last purpose."

I had been sessioning with Patsy for about three months, at that point, and our weekly calls were having a profound effect on me. I said, "I know EXACTLY who should facilitate those meetings!" Then I told the group about my counselor's generosity of spirit; quiet wisdom; fierce intelligence; inspiring way with words; and refreshing technique.

Now, twice a month, we call in and Patsy (who we have nicknamed 'The Synergist') guides us through powerful, heart-centered dialogue and grounds us, despite the constant cyclone of national politics. We are grateful.

A.K., Musician

(New York, NY)

I love working with Patsy.

Being a creative artist and an avowed mystic, who is healing from trauma, it has been challenging to find therapeutic support that is truly validating and empowering. Patsy’s own creative and spiritual journeys inform both her work and her hard-earned wisdom, which she offers in a beautiful and supportive way. She has walked alongside me, on my path, with graceful and genuine empathy and compassion, and a healthy skepticism regarding the mainstream tendency to pathologize experiences and feelings common to artists of all stripes.

It ain’t easy being green, but Patsy’s multifaceted support is a rare gift that has helped me make sense of myself, my current location on the map of my creative journey, and my place in this crazy world of ours.

M.L., Professor of Constitutional Law

(Cambridge, MA)

Thank the gods for Patsy Moore's gift of being able to help people reset their hearts and reframe what's in their heads. When I started working with her, I didn't know which end was up. Six weeks later, in the best way, I hardly recognized myself. Six months later, no one else in my life recognizes me, either. (We all agree this guy is better.) I've never been happier or more hopeful, and I can't recommend PMC highly enough. Patsy's calm, intuitive, astute process is a game-changer.

T.J., Events Coordinator

(Los Angeles, CA)

Patsy is the best! Even in the midst of my drama, she makes me feel understood. We work through a lot together, and I'm learning to work through a lot on my own... in a healthy, productive way.

R.K., Grassroots Organizer/Community Catalyzer

(Toronto, Ontario)

Working on the frontline of social activism, dismantling white supremacy and advancing racial justice, is my passion and calling; but, honey, it's not for the weak! My monthly check-ins with Patsy provide invaluable support. I thank her, all the time, for staying so connected to Source and for her behind-the-scenes centering, advising, and intercessory covering of those of us summoning a new, love-driven world. Patsy Moore is the real deal. A vision doula. Don't sleep.

Y.N., Writer/Businesswoman

(Bungoma, Kenya)

I came across Patsy on Facebook. She was offering scholarships, and I jumped at the opportunity to secure one. I had gone through a traumatic breakup of a 12-year marriage and was completely spent—emotionally, physically, psychologically, and financially. I needed therapeutic support, for myself and my children. So when Patsy offered to take me 100% gratis, on a need basis, even after she had already awarded her full scholarship for the year, I was beyond happy.

She has had such great impact on me, helping me sort through the clogged issues by which I have felt attacked on all sides. I am honored to know this great kindness from a gentle soul. I wish for many more in need to be reached by her.

J.A., Healer/Actress

(Los Angeles, CA)

I have only worked with Patsy for a short time, but each interaction gives me new insight into how I am observing the issues that I bring to the session. It's different from any other therapy/guidance work that I have done: while many therapists or coaches tend to shy away from sharing their own experiences, Patsy has been open and willing to bring examples from her life to the table, giving me a softer place to land.

Words and how they are used are important to Patsy, and I appreciate that; words shape our world, our actions, and thus our lives, so I respect the care that she takes with them when we meet. Carefully choosing my words allows me to better shape my thinking and actions during the weeks between our sessions. Thank you, Patsy!

G.S., Poet/Author

(Ojai, CA)

Dearest Patsy, you are a Goddess-send. Thank you for more than I can put into words. (A funny predicament for a writer, huh?) When I called you that day, in tears, I told you that my muse had skipped town with no return ticket. It only took you three sessions to make a liar of me. Ha!

You are so good at seeing and honoring the best in people. You are a beauty seeker and you have made me want to be one, too. Bless you.

A.L., Computer Systems Architect

(Sherman Oaks, CA)

I am more alive than ever, these days. I am learning that growth requires disruption, so I am asking a lot of big, unnerving questions, and I am willing to hear, contemplate, and implement their answers; I am being empowered by challenging everything I have blindly accepted about everything. I am getting freer and moving closer to what is true.

Thank you, Patsy. I have been beautifully changed by the time spent with you. I look forward to even greater change. Our sessions are me meeting and loving myself for the first time.

L.J., Actor/Producer

(Hollywood. CA)

Patsy's a rare find: spiritually focused, yet fully present in her earth suit; remarkably intelligent, yet remaining free of condescension or self-importance; progressively oriented, yet willing to hold onto worthwhile traditions; an almost intimidating wordsmith, with so much of value to say, yet a consistently generous and interested listener.

I have felt seen and heard, in other therapeutic and facilitation settings; but, in this one, I also feel inspired and held. Committing to PMC coaching sessions is one of the smartest choices I have made. I have a feeling I am going to come out of this with more than a return to artistic passion.